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USAT Liberty Wreck

USAT Liberty Wreck

The world famous USAT Liberty wreck lies just off the coast of Tulamben , Bali. It is one of the most popular dive sites in the area combining history and great marine life for an unforgettable dive experience.
Scallywag Divers are proud to be the only dive center in the Gili Islands able to offer day trips to this outstanding dive destination . With a custom built diving speedboat, The Explorer, we can get there in under one hour. The boat is fast but also offers those little touches that make diving with Scallywag Divers so special; refreshments, lunch, fresh towels and great customer service.

Launched in 1918 the Liberty was used as a cargo ship, transporting livestock (notably horses) from the United States to France. She made three journeys across the Atlantic before the war ended and she became a civilian transport. Between the wars she had a checkered history having crashed into and sunk a tug boat and another freighter.
When the US joined World War 2 the Liberty was in the Pacific and was bought back into military service. In January 1942 she was on her to the Philipines when she was torpedoed by the Japanese sub I-166 10 nautical miles south of the Lombok Strait close to Bali.
With the help of US and Dutch destroyers she limped to Bali where she was beached near Tulamben . She stayed on the beach until 1963 when an earth tremor slid the boat off the beach into the ocean where she has become one of the most popular dives in Bali.

Just like a fine wine, a shipwreck needs time to develop. Nature takes a while before she claims these man made reefs, but when the marine life moves in it does so in a spectaular way. Hav-ing been in the ocean for over 50 years the wreck has become home to some amazing marine life. From black tip reef sharks patrolling the deeper sections to pygmy seahorses hiding in sea fans the Liberty has become home to a bewildering array of life.

You do not need to be a wreck specialist to explore the inside of this wreck, as it has plenty of thrilling swim throughs for divers to enjoy.


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