These courses vary in the amount of dives that need to be done, some are 2 dives and the maximum is 4 dives. Each specialty comes with a manual to read and answer questions on the kind of diving you have chosen to make a specialty. Some also have accompanying videos to watch too. Depending on the number of dives involved, most courses can be done in as little as a day but maximum 2-3 days.

For example the DEEP Dive Specialty Course is 4 dives to complete but if you are already an Advanced Certified diver, the deep dive from the advanced course can be credited towards the Deep Specialty leaving you only 3 dives to complete. The first two dives of the course are to a max depth of 30m (hence the dive from the advanced can count as one of these dives as also to max 30m) and then the last two dives take you to a max depth of 40m. The course teaches you everything you need to know when planning deep dives including weighting / extra equipment / emergency air supplies / dive limits etc.

You will be able to chose from Deep / Night / Multilevel and computer / naturalist / peak performance buoyancy / underwater photography / Enriched Air diving and a few others from the adventure diving list too. All courses come with a PADI certification card for the chosen specialty. Anyone who is a rescue diver who completes 5 specialties has then the option to apply to PADI for a Master Scuba Diver certification too.

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