This course can be completed in 4 to 5 days as long as you are already Advanced Open Water level certification. It involves a manual to self study with an accompanying video to watch, then a refresh in the swimming pool of all the skills you were taught at Open water level that are actually rescue skills. The course teaches you how to foresee / prevent and manage any diving problems, plus how to deal with both panicked divers under water and on the surface as well as unconscious divers underwater and on the surface. It also teaches you search patterns for missing divers and how to make an Emergency Assistance Plan for diving in this area.

Although it is a serious course to study, it also good fun as each dive teaches you how to deal with new problems and then at the end there are two rescue scenarios at the end of the course to test your abilities based on what you have learned on the course. To be certified a Rescue Diver, you will need to have a medical qualification (basic medical training) within the last two years and also 20 logged dives. If you don’t have a medical qualification, Scallywag Divers Dive offers the Rescue Course together with the Emergency First Responder (see below) course for a special package price.

Whether you have more questions about the PADI Rescue Diver Course, or whether you’re ready to book up, we invite you to contact us today to start the conversation.