This course takes 3-4 days to complete and is the full beginner’s certification course. You would need to pre study chapters 1 and 2 and watch the accompanying videos prior to starting with the instructor for day 1. The pre study part can be done in the evening before you start the first day. The program is then run like this:

Day 1 – go through the first 2 chapters of theory with the instructor. Learn how to set up your dive equipment before going into the swimming pool for the first confined session. After that we break for lunch before heading out for dive number 1 at 2pm that day. Note any student who tries a Discover Scuba dive and wishes to continue to the full Open Water Course would need to study in the evening of day 1 to get the theory part completed before day 2.

Day 2 – go through more theory in the morning before heading back into the swimming pool to complete the confined water skills and swim test (200m) and tread water (10mins). After lunch on day 2 you dive again to 12m at 2pm. Any unfinished theory can then be completed after this dive.

Day 3 – dive at 10am to 18m max depth and then break for lunch before another dive to 18m at 2pm. Once you are back from this dive, we will certify you as long as all the theory has been completed.

This is the full beginner’s certification course to a max depth of 18m. Certification is done online so you should receive an email the same day congratulating you from PADI on becoming a certified diver.

Anyone who has done the DSD or Scuba Diver course can easily upgrade this to Open Water certification with us by just continuing with the theory and pool sessions etc. you are not charged twice if you decide to try an DSD but then decide to continue to Open Water – the bill will be for the Open Water course only.

Whether you have more questions about the PADI Open Water Diver Course, or whether you’re ready to book up, we invite you to contact us today to start the conversation.