Scallywag Divers now have two fully licensed, 5-Star PADI Dive Resorts: one on Gili Air, store #25018, and one on Gili Trawangan, store #26109. Both are centrally located, and focused on maintaining the Scallywags reputation for top customer service. We have multi-lingual, professional diving instructors working year round, maintaining our 100% safety record by following dive course standards/procedures whilst ensuring our guests have as much fun as possible. We are proud to offer a complete selection of PADI Scuba Diving courses at both dive resorts. We have scuba diving course materials in English, French, Spanish, and German. Included in the price of every scuba diving course are the study materials required for you to complete your course. This includes your very own PADI course manual, log book and a free Scallywag Divers t-shirt! We also offer scuba diving certification courses for kids as young as 10 years old!

Did you know your child can learn to experience the underwater magic before completing the Junior Open Water course? Bubble makers are available for children as young as 8 years old.

We have further information available about the following PADI training programmes:

Scuba Diver
Open Water Diver
Adventures in Diving
Advanced Open Water Diver
EFR (Emergency First Responder)
Specialty Diver Courses
Rescue Diver
Scuba Review / Refresh

All of our scuba diving courses start daily and can be organised to suit your requirements and schedule. For more information and bookings, contact us and we can arrange a PADI dive course to suit your level and schedule. If you complete the on-line theory for your chosen dive course prior to arriving at Scallywag Divers, the cost of the course will alter slightly to what is quoted below!


Discover Scuba Diving

Try diving for the first time!

Minimum age 10, max depth 12m, half day or full day.
Cost: IDR 900,000
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To experience your first dive in the underwater world, we begin with a brief introduction to diving, a session in the pool to become comfortable with breathing and the equipment, and practice a few skills, then a dive in the open water.

This is in fact the first day of the Open Water course, so should you wish to continue, day 1 is already complete at no extra cost!

Learn more about Discover Scuba Diving

PADI Scuba Diver:

Minimum age 10, max depth 12m, 2 days.
Cost: IDR 3,800,000

This course gives you a license that enables you to dive with a dive professional at any time. After completing the Discover Scuba dive, you complete some more theory, a further pool session and another open water dive to become certified to dive to 12m.

To upgrade this at a later date to Open Water diver is easy.

Learn more about the PADI Scuba Diver Course

PADI Open Water Course:

Learn to dive with the most popular diving course in the world!

Minimum age 10, max depth 18m (12m Junior Open Water), 3 or 4 days.
Cost: IDR 5,500,000

The first level on the diving license ladder! This is a popular, fully comprehensive diving course, comprising of videos, theory, two pool sessions and four open water dives. Once completing, the license is life long and gives you the opportunity to continue your education and experiences with specialty courses or the advanced course.

Now you can access the theory on-line and complete before you arrive!

Course available with PADI eLearning

Learn more about the PADI Open Water Course

PADI Advanced Open Water

Improve your scuba skills and dive deeper!

Minimum age 12, max depth 30m (21m Junior Advanced), 2 days.
Cost: IDR4,500,000

This course introduces you to various diving activities depending on what interests you as a diver. There are five dives, two of which are the compulsory dives – the deep dive and the navigation dive, and then others you can chose dives like night, buoyancy, multi-level/computer, fish identification, photography, naturalist, drift, boat etc. The beauty of this course is there is little theory but a thorough briefing to the dive, making it fun! During the dive, we concentrate on the dive choice in hand, furthering skills and broadening knowledge.

You can also complete the theory on-line before arriving to complete the in-water training!

Course available with PADI eLearning

Learn more about the PADI Advanced Open Water Course

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PADI Rescue Diver Course & Emergency First Response Course:

Gain skills and build your confidence in the water!

Minimum age 15, 4 days minimum.
Cost of Rescue (no EFR): IDR 5,500,000

Cost Of EFR and Rescue Combined: IDR 7,000,000

This course is designed to give you the necessary knowledge and skills to prevent/ deal with any problems or emergencies mainly related to diving but the EFR course gives you the knowledge you need to be able to assist anyone with a health emergency whether they are diving or not.

You will learn how to deal with stressful situations both under water and also on the surface in order to help save lives. The rescue diver course is extremely rewarding and will ensure you feel more comfortable and in control when diving. After completing training exercises both in the swimming pool and in the ocean, scenarios are staged in order for you to test your skills and ability to deal with in the most efficient and successful way.

We will teach you how to search for missing divers, bring up an unconscious diver from the bottom of the ocean, and from the surface back to the boat or shore, whilst helping them breathe, or whilst providing rescue breaths for them. We will also teach you how to prevent most problems that can occur both under water and on the surface.

We refresh some self rescue skills that you would have learned on the Open Water course too. You will be taken on at least 5 dives whilst doing this course, but on each dive you will be learning more rescue skills as oppose to just going for a ‘fun’ dive.

Learn more about the PADI Rescue Diver Course


PADI Divemaster Course:

Join the professional ranks as a PADI pro!


Minimum age 18
Cost: Please contact us regarding the full details of the Dive Master Course.

The PADI Divemaster course here at Scallywag Divers is the premier divemaster internship in the Gili Islands, representing the first step into a career as a scuba diving professional! It teaches you the theory of diving – physics, physiology, decompression theory, equipment, skills and environment, as well as skills circuits, mapping, assisting, teaching, general day to day running’s of a dive shop, paperwork, signing in guests, selling equipment etc etc!

It is also a great course and so much fun – you will become part of the team!

Course available with

Learn more about the PADI Divemaster Course


General Course Information

All our courses are scheduled to start as and when we have requests but we do offer a free fun dive at the end of full certification courses, so always better to let us know by email as we can then make sure that we have an instructor free to start with you and also that you get taken to our best dive sites for that particular course. e.g. 5 different dive sites for the advanced course with a deeper site for the deep dive etc.

Any person wishing to take a course with us at Scallywag Divers will also have to pass a medical questionnaire which we can send you by email prior to arriving to make sure you are fit to dive but also to give you time to check with your own doctor or a diving doctor if you do have a medical condition. Diving medical doctors do not exist once you arrive to the island, so always good to check first.

Our maximum student to instructor ratio is 4 people, unless you are a group wishing to learn together.

Anyone enrolling onto a course with us will be liable to pay the 50,000rp reef tax just once only. If you stay on to do more than one course, the reef Tax is still the same as only charged once per visit.

Online booking Information

For online bookings for PADI certification courses, Scallywag Divers offers you a free fun dive at the end of your course. By booking online your course can be scheduled to suit your holiday, ensures we have an instructor free to teach you starting the day you wish you begin and book the best diving sites for your course.

For online Bookings for certified divers, we offer you a 10% discount from our diving prices. We can also guarantee you get to dive the best dive sites for your certification level if you pre-book with us. If you make a 5 or more dive package online we offer 15% discount and if you book 10 or more dives, we extend the discount to 20% of the whole dive bill.

What is PADI eLearning?

Are you ready to change your life? Embark on a journey to explore a whole new world untouched by the frantic pace of everyday life. Scuba diving provides a thrill and adventure unmatched by anything else. Start or continue your adventure today by completing the theory portion of your course online!

Why Choose eLearning?

  • Minimised class time and maximum in-water time
  • Accessibility anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, seven days a week!
  • Immediate feedback and gratification through electronic content delivery
  • Complement learning with virtual modeling simulations and video clips
  • Learn at your own pace, in your own home or wherever you choose